Message From the Artisan:

Wood-N-I is a one person operation specializing in designing and manufacturing heirloom quality custom furniture and accessories. I have a 1,000 square foot workshop with some of the latest woodworking machinery.  I also have a reasonable selection of hand tools for that "old world" touch.  I specialize in custom furniture and cabinetry, as opposed to being a production shop manufacturing hundreds of the same item.  I primarily work with solid domestic hardwoods and exotic foreign hardwoods for furniture and accessory items.  Naturally, when designing and building large cabinetry and large panel pieces; such as custom kitchens, baths, wet bars, home office cabinets and large pieces such as entertainment units, I incorporate man made sheet goods because of their remarkable stability. As can be seen in the following photographs, I have designed and built a wide range of custom cabinetry, furniture and accessories.



I try to incorporate the old Shaker philosophy in all of my woodworking. The Shakers were some of the first to produce furniture for sale. They built quality furniture with quality joinery. They were not opposed to modern methods, machinery and materials if that produced better quality products. As a testament to the quality of their furniture, many of their pieces are still around and are still being used. I have tried to pattern my furniture after them with regard to the quality and functionality of their pieces. I try to use modern machinery to keep costs down but have the skill to hand cut dovetails with a hand saw and chisels. With me, woodworking has to do more with the beauty of the wood and how that dictates how and where it is used in a project. I hand pick all of the lumber individually for each project and attempt to match grain and color in order to obtain the most pleasing look for each piece. If you have a niche, large or small, I can fill it. In my shop, it's truly just the "wood and I".